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I fell in love with interior design at a very young age. As a daughter of an interior decorator and a residential construction company owner, I became familiar with the design process before I knew what a design process was! I was just as comfortable in my step-father’s wood working shop as I was in my mother’s client’s homes (where I was often volunteered for faux painting services). Interior design runs in my blood and I am blessed to bring these gifts to my valued clients.

Process of Design

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if your design project progressed as quickly as they do on the television shows? Imagine…. you sign a letter of agreement and voila the demo crew is at your front door at 7:00 a.m. the next morning ready to go!

Ok, ok, time for a little reality check. Here’s a brief outline of the real phases an interior design project moves through so you know what to expect before you begin, and feel comfortable with the process.

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Set Up Your First Design Consultation

The first hour of your design consultation with Shanell Mergerson will be complimentary to you. In your first consultation appointment expect to answer many specific questions related to the scope of your project, your family’s interests and activities, your visions and goals, favorite art work and color palates, your entertaining style, and other questions specific to your potential project.

If you decide that you would like to move forward with contracting with Shanell Mergerson Design we will most likely spend time during our first meeting taking measurements and photos and gathering information and documents that will assist in the design process.

After the first design consultation, a Shanell Mergerson Design team member will prepare and submit to you a Scope of Design Services for your review and agreement.

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