Pantry Room Designer Tricks

I grew up on a farm in Kansas. (I was corn-fed and have a farmer daughter’s stellar work ethic.) 😉  We lived miles away from a local grocery so my mother’s pantry extended into an underground dimly lit cellar.  The cellar was stocked with hundreds of canned glass jars filled with the previous years garden crops. Also stored was extra flashlights, candles and gallons of water…for the “just in case” emergency.

What I imagine when I think back to my mother going down to the cellar…
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In all honesty, the only time I ventured down there (unwillingly) was during the occasional tornado scares we had in the late spring.  Otherwise, it was strictly under the rule of my mother.  It was there she would venture when she needed to grab a jar of last years garden tomatoes to make spaghetti sauce (from scratch…yum) .

As an adult, I started to wonder…why didn’t we store some of those canned goods in our home?  My mother’s answer…”Honey, when was the last time you were in my pantry?!  It’s a mess!  I don’t have enough space to store everything I need to use to prepare meals.”  After an assessment of the pantry I grew up with, I concluded…my mother has enough square footage, she just needs to hire me to redesign it!!

Below are my “designer tricks” to maximize space and efficiency in your pantry!

#1 Pull Out Shelves

Can I get an AMEN?!  Pull-out shelves/trays are the #1 pantry design recommendation I give to my clients when they point out they have a hard time reaching those items at the back of their pantry.   As I always say…”If you can not see it.  You will not use it.”  (Same thing goes for your clothes in your closet.)

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#2 Sliding Chrome Baskets

My #2 designer trick for the pantry also slides like my #1 recommendation.  I love sliding chrome baskets because you can make them tall and deep and thus store all sorts of goodies such as bags of chips, rice, onion, potatoes, and snacks that are easily accessible to your children.  Plus you get the benefit of seeing thru the basket, which is a an efficient option to a drawer.

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#3 Vertical Storage

Where do you store your platters and cookie sheets?  If you aren’t storing them vertically you are most likely damaging them!  Who would have known?!  A simple solution is having vertical tray storage designed into your pantry.  You can stack several platters and baking sheets per vertical slat.  Thus, not only increasing the life of your platters, you are also saving precious space!

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