Lovely and Efficient Laundry Rooms

For most of my early 20’s and 30’s I lived in apartments and condos where the laundry rooms (areas) always had way more to desire.  That experience taught me how to be creative and efficient in small spaces.

I’ve worked with clients who had empty 250 sf laundry rooms with only a washer and dryer and they were at a loss with what to do to make it work for them.

I’ve seen “it all”.  Oh, let me tell you… And I know how to merge your desire for function and design into a laundry room to be envied.  Whether you currently reside in a home/condo/apartment with a super small laundry room or have a large laundry room that you don’t know how to make useful, I can help you!!  Below are a few examples of laundry rooms that I have designed with comments and price ranges, in order to motivate you to take the leap and get your laundry room project started!!

Below are examples of some small spaces that have been designed/remodeled to be fully functional laundry areas….


Front Loading Washing and Dryer with Wilsonart Laminate countertop and mixed open & closed above storage
Condensed Apartment Stacked Washer and Dryer with Pullout Folding Drawer and closed storage drawers and shelves behind doors.
Garage Cabinet Laundry Room.  Very cool laundry room solution!
Front Loading with Natural Wood Countertop and Closed Storage Above with pull out laundry basket drawer adjacent.
Front Loading Washer and Drying Laundry Room in a Closet
Stacked Front Loading Washer and Dryer with Laundry Room Sink and Hang
Dual Washer and Dryer with Laundry Basket Storage and Closed Upper Storeage
Condensed and efficient Laundry Space!  Dual Washer and Dryer with adjacent sink and Wood Grain Countertop and backsplash.
Front Loading Washer and Dryer with Hang and closed storage above
Love the contrast of dark cabinets and light natural wood countertop for folding and basket storage
Bright and clean Laundry Room
Front Loading Washer and Dryer with Closed Storage
Love the use of natural materials in these efficient Laundry Spaces
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