Our Newest Obsession: The Ghost Chair

I’m loving the modern glam look of The Ghost Chair in all forms!  I can’t currently think of another chair that brings such a whimsical and glam look to a room.  Most of these chairs are made out of a clear (or semi-opaque colored) acrylic.  Easy to clean and even easier to find a place for one in almost any space in a home.

  • Place set of 6 of these jewels around a rustic looking wood dinning table for an eccentric mixed look.
  • Try a ghost chair with wheels in your home office to glam up your space.
  • I also love these chairs in  bar stool form set in a traditional-styled kitchen.

Click on the photos below to purchase the chairs from

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Screenshot 2017-07-12 at 5.59.30 PM


Most Popular Colors Per State

A new infographic from BEHR reveals which hue each state buys the most compared to its neighbors.

Most popular paint colors by state

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