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This is just a short excerpt for the about page.

Shanell Champlin Mergerson

Owner, Lead Interior Designer

Shanell has over 17 years of experience in Interior Design and Construction Management. This rural Kansas native found a passion for design early in life, often spending lazy summer afternoons “space planning” her perfect home on grid paper as a child. Shanell’s mother was and still is a practicing Interior Decorator who owns a construction company. She often took Shanell along to meet with clients and spent many hours passing on the technical and artistic skills that Shanell uses today to complete successful design and construction porjects.

A graduate of Interior Design studies at Kansas State University, Shanell moved to Annapolis, Maryland after graduation to pursue her career in high-end Residential Design. 14 years ago she made her way to Dallas, Tx where she practiced as a Registered Commercial Interior Designer with Corgan Architecture before she ventured out to begin her own Interior Design and Construction Management company

Shanell resides with her teenage son Tre, baby girl Helena, and her fur-babies Riley, Gracie, and Jax in University Park.

17951897_10154232474827315_6215731695945529478_nElisabeth White, “Closet Therapist” and owner of Rediscover Your Closet

Elisabeth is our in-house “Closet Therapist”. She, thru her company Rediscover Your Closet, assists our clients when they are ready to organize their belongings in their new custom closets.

Elisabeth has a degree in Fashion Merchandising and decades of experience in the design world.

Her mission is to help our clients make the most of what they already own, learn how to shop their own closet with enjoyment and feel good about our clients present themselves to the world. Elisabeth believes that a wardrobe is an extension of you and your energy. As a closet therapist she wants to help our clients attain peace and relaxation in their everyday life, not just the next best outfit.

Her other calling – closet therapy – liberates the organizationally-challenged by combining of all her loves. Helping those feeling exhausted and frustrated with money spent on wardrobes they are unable to style or never even wear, Elisabeth helps them see “the whole package”. She is your closet therapist who works with the energy of YOU to enhance, rediscover and LOVE your wardrobe.

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